Consulting for Large Veterinary Practices

Be opportunistic, with an eye to the future

Taking great and making it even better is about being selective. The right projects can enhance the long-term value of the practice. The wrong ones are distractions and money pits. Gretel can keep you focused.

Balanced Performance

Instilling consistency in the practice's performance enhances culture and aids long-term planning.

Market Leadership

Larger practices lead markets, they don't follow them. A focus on expanding market share should be first and foremost

Value-First Focus

Mindfulness around owners' retirement strategies should guide thoughtfulness around individual project returns

"Owners of large practices enjoy the privilege of size in our industry. They can stay the course, relax, and enjoy the financial fruits of the business, or they can embark on grander visions aimed at expanding the gulf between themselves and their competition."

Win Lippincott | Founder, Gretel Veterinary Advisory

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The Right Itinerary for Your Practice

Every engagement with Gretel is customized. The following sample is merely crafted with the goals of larger veterinary practices in mind.

  •     1. FINANCIAL REVIEW    
  •     2. PART-TIME CMO    
  •     3. EXIT PLANNING    

Deep P&L Review

Even the best practices have hidden opportunities

At large practices, even a small change can have a large impact on the bottom line of a veterinary practice's financials. Gretel's team will conduct an intensive audit to unearth overlooked opportunities that exist in the revenue blend and operating cost structure of the practice, and provide a window into how corporate groups will value the business.

    2. PART-TIME CMO    

Outsourced Expertise

Strategy guidance from behind the scenes

An oft-overlooked strategy for many large practices is expanding market share in leaps and bounds, as opposed to one pet owner at a time. Whether it be acquiring the client list of a smaller competitor, analyzing the feasibility of expanding services into areas like daycare, or opening a satellite location, Gretel's strategy team can provide expert, objective analyses to aid in the decision-making process.

    3. EXIT PLANNING    

Planning for a Sale

Begin strategizing today for your exit tomorrow

The problem with brokers in the industry today are that they want to sell your practice immediately (with their commission at front of mind). However, maximum value can be achieved by beginning the process 18-24 months in advance by partnering with someone who can proactively enhance the practice's value AND position it optimally for sale. Gretel's end-to-end services can do just that for practice owners.

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