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Less than 4% of veterinary practices have done this

by Win Lippincott

A remarkable percentage of the profession ignores one of the business world’s most critical recruiting platforms.

There is no denying that the industry is in the midst of a challenging market for hiring veterinary talent. A glance at the AVMA’s Career Center quickly illustrates the desperation of hundreds of practices across the country. The search for great veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and practice managers is intense, to say the least. Despite this competition for great clinicians, a remarkable percentage of the profession ignores one of the business world’s most critical recruiting platforms.

Most practices are NOT on LinkedIn.

Our data and analytics consulting team crawled over 3,300 veterinary practice websites this month. We found fewer than 125 (3.7%) with links to their LinkedIn profiles. They then combed through LinkedIn to see how many of those practices had profiles but forgot the website links. Only a few dozen more were identified. 

Yet, an increasing number of veterinarians have personal profiles.

They then looked on LinkedIn for profiles of veterinarians domiciled in the geographies of those practices. An estimated 6,600 doctors possess profiles! It is clear that while clinicians are increasingly active on the platform, their employers are not. 

The natural consequence of this imbalance.

Peeling back the onion another layer, we looked more closely at the practices that had company pages set up AND the practices that had active job postings for DVMs on the platform. Surprise, surprise, the overwhelming majority of both we corporate groups and their practices. In other words, the consolidators have been enjoying unfettered access to potential veterinary job candidates, while independent practices have continued to compete predominantly on the oversaturated AVMA Career Center and local job boards.

What’s a veterinary practice to do?

Let us preface this by saying that LinkedIn is NOT a panacea that will solve your hiring woes. However, it is a platform that caters to individuals who are more proactive thinkers about their careers. It is this self-selection that warrants the attention of veterinary practice owners. DVMs and techs who are active on LinkedIn will have a higher inclination to proactively think about business, the profession, and their work lives. These attributes alone are valuable, though often overlooked, as part of the hiring equation. In sum, it behooves practices with urgent DVM hiring needs to thoughtfully consider whether LinkedIn deserves consideration as a place to promote their open veterinarian and vet tech positions. Your next great Associate could be waiting for you there!

How a veterinary practice consultant could help…

It is NOT easy to write a compelling job post in this market when there are exponentially more jobs than applicants. It is just as difficult to decide exactly how to promote the open position at your veterinary practice. A talented consulting team, knowledgeable in the veterinary market, can help you figure out both, ultimately saving you time and money. GretelVet has even developed a “playbook” specifically to help practices with this!

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