Consulting for Mid-Sized Veterinary Practices

It's time to invert your objectives

What got you to a multi-doctor practice in the first place should yield to a focus on becoming a more efficient, more profitable multi-doctor practice. Gretel can lead you to the right priority set.

Holistic Strategy

More sophisticated practices require more holistic strategies that account for revenue AND costs smartly.

Disruption-Free Growth

Higher profitability needn't come at the expense of day-to-day harmony. There is a way to have your cake and eat it too.

Targeted Investments

Thoughtful investments in your team, your physical space, and your technology tools can make the practice operate smoothly

"Leaders of multi-DVM practices face the paradox of choice. There are a multitude of projects they can embark on and only a few will ultimately yield their intended improvement. We've seen this dilemma countless times and thankfully know which paths lead to success and which lead to treading water."

Win Lippincott | Founder, Gretel Veterinary Advisory

You. Gretel. 15 minutes. Let's chat about your practice.

The Right Itinerary for Your Practice

Every engagement with Gretel is customized. The following sample is merely crafted with the needs of a multi-DVM practice in mind.

  •     1. FINANCIAL REVIEW    
  •     2. GROWTH AUDIT    
  •     3. PART-TIME CMO    

Deep P&L Review

The numbers can tell an important story

The problem with most "financial reviews" in veterinary medicine is their failure to pair practice financials with local market knowledge & operational data. Gretel's team will conduct an intensive audit to tell the story of your practice's performance, provide recommendations for taking it to the next level, and a glimpse at how corporates would value the business.

    2. GROWTH AUDIT    

Marketing Review

Google and Facebook and Yelp, oh my!

Vet school prepared you for a lot of things, but marketing a veterinary practice wasn't one of them. Gretel's background in building practice marketing strategies and executional plans for dozens of practices can provide you with a realistic assessment of your efforts and a go-forward plan for realizing as much growth as possible in your local market.

    3. PART-TIME CMO    

Outsourced Expertise

Strategy guidance from behind the scenes

There comes a point when the low-hanging fruit has been plucked and growth becomes harder to obtain. That's the moment when outsourcing your practice's day-to-day marketing leadership becomes the ideal move. Gretel can be an ongoing advisor to your practice, ensuring its strategic plan is realized through diligent, managed execution of initiatives and projects.

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