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Thought-provoking opinions, from Gretel’s consulting team, that can be of interest to veterinary practice leaders from all size of practice.

It might seem as though things could not possibly get any better for sellers. Yet the data suggests a LOT of value (both financial and non-financial) is still being left on the table in most transactions for practices.

Like any good salesperson, veterinary practice brokers will rattle off a litany of reasons you should have them represent you and your practice in a sale. However, of all the well-intentioned traits they will profess to have, there is only one that will ultimately provide value to you, the selling practice owner.

Beyond the jaw-dropping signing bonuses and increasing persistence of “recruiters” lurking out there for vets, a hiring frenzy is rapidly developing in another part of the profession that could prove even more daunting for practices of all shapes and sizes: technicians.

As we count down the days until 2020 is thankfully behind us, there is a MASSIVELY important consequence to this pandemic year that you should begin to pay attention to, and thoughtfully plan for.

In the coming years, cloud options will only get better. Internet connectivity will become even more stable. Just know that until then, there are hiccups and you will face the unexpected IT issue.

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