Veterinary Practice Brokers

Some people sell practices.

We secure financial futures.

You've seen them at VMX. They've hounded you at the practice. The industry is littered with salespeople hawking practices for sale to corporate groups and preying on the inexperience of veterinary practice owners. Gretel Veterinary Advisory is the alternative. A professional, impeccably-credentialed team that CREATES practice value for sellers.

We Position

Before listing your practice, we'll review opportunities to create additional value and help you decide whether pursuing them is worth it.

We Promote

We're a team of master marketers. We will generate multiple, rich offers by expertly promoting your practice and its potential.

We Close

A hassle-free sale happens when the ENTIRE process is proactively managed for you, from finding the winning bidder to signing on the dotted line.

"It's a seller's market. So why aren't sellers exercising their leverage over buyers? An exceptional brokerage experience should achieve three things: solicit strong bids, without one-sided contractual terms, and a smooth, prompt close process. Gretel changed the brokerage business model by CREATING value for sellers, not simply profiting off it."

Win Lippincott | Founder, Gretel Veterinary Advisory

You. Gretel. 15 minutes. Let's chat about your practice.

Ready to go…regardless of timeline

No matter where you are in your process, Gretel's team can jump in to propel you and your practice through a sale.

  •     6+ MONTHS OUT    
  •     3-6 MONTHS OUT    
  •     1-3 MONTHS OUT    
    6+ MONTHS OUT    

The Privilege of Time

Accelerating growth and mindfulness of costs yields great outcomes

There is something to be said for planning in advance. With the benefit of time on your side, Gretel's team can provide you with a full-fledged approach to ramping up revenue growth for the practice and outline potential cost improvements that in the end can yield dramatic increases in practice valuations. By picking the low-hanging fruit ahead of time AND positioning the business for incremental growth post-sale, buyers will have no choice but to be aggressive in their valuation of your veterinary practice.

    3-6 MONTHS OUT    

Harvesting Low-Hanging Fruit

Quick and easy financial gains can yield sizeable dividends

Every practice has near-term opportunities to improve its financial performance. Ahead of promoting your veterinary practice for sale to bidders, our team can dive into the numbers and recommend straightforward ways to boost profitability – gains that will directly impact the valuation of the practice when we talk to prospects. At this point in time, we can collaborate on your goals in a sale process and strategize for the right approach in positioning the business for its next chapter.

    1-3 MONTHS OUT    

Rapid Positioning

Putting your best foot forward is imperative

Selling your veterinary practice is about more than throwing a 'For Sale' sign on it. Ahead of soliciting proposals, Gretel's team of expert marketers can take your personal goals and perfectly position your practice to generate the right kind of interest from prospective buyers. Your financials "are what they are" at this point, but painting a picture of the business's future opportunity, leveraging our proprietary analytical toolkit, can be the last-minute difference between a good offer and a great one.

Recent Insights

A collection of recent expert insights from our veterinary practice brokers.

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