Consulting for Small Veterinary Practices

Making the leap is possible

Busting through to the next level as a practice can be easy with the right strategy, a thoughtful plan and a trusted partner to shepherd you there. Gretel can be your guide.

Smart Strategy

Distractions abound as a one-doctor practice. The right strategy can accelerate your success exponentially.

Incredible Efficiency

Time and money can be in short supply. Our experience and expertise will keep your resources laser-focused.

Step-by-Step Plan

Execution is half the battle, and the part most practices fail at. An expertly-crafted project plan solves for that.

"Whether an owner has aspirations for adding an Associate DVM or not, one-doctor practices should be focused on revenue, revenue and more revenue. A full appointment book accomplishes two things: it maximizes the owner's take-home income, AND it provides optionality in terms of bridging into a two-doctor practice or investing in team members to improve the owner's work-life balance as a sole practitioner."

Win Lippincott | Founder, Gretel Veterinary Advisory

You. Gretel. 15 minutes. Let's chat about your practice.

The Right Itinerary for Your Practice

Every engagement with Gretel is customized. The following sample is merely crafted with the needs of a one-DVM practice in mind.

  •     1. EXISTING CLIENTS    
  •     2. NEW CLIENTS    
  •     3. DVM RECRUITING    
  •     4. PRICING    

Reminders Audit

Don't take existing clients for granted

Nothing about treatment reminders is sexy, but they are unequivocally the lifeblood of veterinary practice revenue. A deep dive into your system setup, your distribution method(s), and your message can translate into tremendous growth. You may have "set it and forget it" in the past, but we can provide current recommendations that will yield stellar compliance.

    2. NEW CLIENTS    

Online Presence

A website alone is no longer enough…

There are plenty of new clients out there. Attracting them to your practice simply requires a complete web presence. Paying attention to search engine ads, rankings, local profiles, social media and more ensures maximum exposure and doesn't cost a fortune. We can manage all of this from the background for veterinary practices


Associate Hiring

Let's find that needle in the haystack

Hired a veterinarian for your practice recently? It's getting crazy out there in the job market. Finding the right applicant requires a tried-and-true methodology for the search AND the interview process. We can coach you and your team on best practices in doctor recruiting to maximize your odds for success in finding the right candidate for you.

    4. PRICING    

Smart Pricing

Respect your clients with thoughtful pricing

Pricing is an overwhelming exercise for everyone, yet it doesn't have to be. Starting with the right strategy and a thoughtful plan for execution is the first step toward improving profitability without upsetting clients. Your vendors are raising prices all the time. Make sure you aren't absorbing all of that upward pressure alone. 

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